Monday, December 2, 2013

Atl Live on the Park Presented By Shanti Das & Marlon Nichols October 2013

Atl Live on the Park was jamming tonight with a Sweet Finale. The show started out with a sweet treat from the bakery Sweet Cheats owned by Shirley Hughes. DJ Trauma kept us jamming on the 1′s and 2′s with the old school beats in between sets. Art Terrell of KISS 104.1 was the host for the night. First out on the stage a lively set from Mr. Bertell getting the crowd on their feet with his song she get it from her mama and a couple of others that kept everyone vibing. Mr. Leigh Bush formerly known as Sammie got on stage and took us back to his old days and brought us current to his new song Free Falling, lovely song you have to listen to the words its beautiful. Last but not leas we had Quinn and JukeBox amazing band they did renditions of R Kelly, Jamie Foxx and on and on he was really great that rounded out the evening with everyone rocking to the beat. Dallas Austin, Funky Dineva, Michelle (straight from the A) Alex (New Atlanta) and more were in attendance tonight. Shanti and Marlon ended this season with a bang. Loved it I will definitely be back next year 2 thumbs up! I thought this was the season finale' I was wrong one more show to go.

Shirley Hughes brought us the sweets "Sweet Cheats"

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