Friday, January 24, 2014

KeKe Wyatt Fan Appreciation Night at 200 Peachtree

KeKe Wyatt had a fan appreciation night at 200 Peachtree for all her fans and also the taping of the new season R&B Divas Atlanta.  KeKe had all the heavy hitters out to hear her vocal ability, which is excellent, if I have to say so myself.  KeKe allowed her background vocalist to share their talents with the crowd starting with one vocalist that brought the house down with her Church song the next vocalist sang her R&B and KeKe's brother went to Church on us as well, these background singers can SANGGG.  KeKe had to end the event but her audience begged for more so more she gave and then we had to end it. I so thought she would bring the R&B Divas' on the stage to close out the night but we just watched them (R&B Divas) watch her perform.  Maybe we will catch them all at another performance or taping of the show, if not well we know we will get to catch them once the show airs.  In attendance were KeKe of course Angie Stone, Monifa, a new cast member Kameelah Williams and Syleena Johnson.

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