Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Be100Radio Spoken Sounds of Soul Launch

Be100Radio Launched their Spoken Sounds of Soul radio show at Metro Fuxon 554 Piedmont Ave NE Atlanta GA 30308.  Spoken Sounds of Soul is hosted by TLove  on Be100 radio everyday 1-3pm.  The radio station is owned by Debra Antney of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  This show has been on the air for almost one year and going strong.  This platform is to give people an opportunity to speak their sounds of soul spoken word or just sing their music.  Great event, One lady came up from Columbus Georgia to perform live at the event.  Their are some great talents here in Atlanta and with this radio station you will get to hear them.  Stay tuned to Be100Radio.
T Love Host of Spoken Sounds of Soul

T Love the host of Spoken Sounds of Soul


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