Tuesday, February 11, 2014

HairFinity hosted a Pop Up Shop at Freddy O's Tees and Quotes



Freddy O & Nikko





Deb Antney

HairFinity hosted a Pop Up Shop at Tees and Quotes owned by Mr. Blogger/Photographer Freddy O at 244 Peter St Atlanta, GA last month. A lot of vendors came out to showcase their products at Freddy O's Tees & Quotes because this was the place to get recognized with all the reality stars popping in and out of the building. Kastell Vodka was one of the sponsors for the evening. @ThatShekinah was there selling her edge tamer and her t-shirts I Work Hard B----, Futures' Baby Momma was there with her line of Pop Of Junk online store and others with their uniquely pop ups as well, MADE by Mimi was selling her t-shirts and there was Cheesecaked in the house, cupcakes and others that came to show their support.  Keisha Knight Pullium, Deb Antney Waka Flaka's mom, Dee Cardrich-Johnson from GarbShoutique supporting her friend from Hairfinity, Erica Dixon, Ms Shyneka from 107.9 Greg Cole from Nancy's Buckhead Pizza, April Love, supporting her new client ThatShekinah and that wasn't all.

Pics below...




 Ms. LolliPop Dreams in the building
Kastell Vodka


Freddy O & Revel Cosmetics

Mimi Faust

Dee Cardriche-Johnson

Me & Deb Anthney

Momma Freddy O

Erica Dixson

Freddy O & D Win


















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