Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sabrina (Brie) Rowe Book Launch Single In the City My Passport to Boaz

 Sabrina (Brie) Rowe of Big Rich Atlanta the Reality Show and Tu La 2 Nail Salon wrote a book and it called Single In The City My Passport to Boaz.  Garner Circle PR group put together a meet and greet for Sabrina to launch her book and sit down and have an intimate conversation with the media and friends at Aurum Lounge in Downtown Atlanta.  Check out Sabrina's struggle to find Mr. Boaz for herself.  Cupcake and Vodka were on deck for the evening reading.  Sharlinda Parker Brie's twin sister also from Big Rich Atlanta and her daughter Kahdijiha Rowe and the twins mother was there to support her daughter as well.  Brie is with an independent label MBP Publications, they have a host of other writers under their belt, like Momma Dee from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Tashera Simmons from Starter Wives. 

Brie Mom & Sharlinda
Shalinda Parker
Essence Magazine Brie Publisher
Nicole Garner Garner Circle PR

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