Monday, March 24, 2014

Aniah Denise presents Girls Night out @Ashley Stewart on Camp Creek Pkwy Ms

Aniah Denise presented Girls Night out @AshleyStewart on Camp Creek Pkwy in East Point, Ga on Saturday March 2, 2014.  They had food fun and fashion also a picture booth all at the same darn time.  A great event put together by Aniah Denise and Co-hosted by Melody Martin and they both did a extraordinary job. The store was transformed into a dining, runway and the crowd got to participate, they even picked someone from the audience and gave them a makeover.  Roc Your style was the stylist for this event and she made some great transformations.  MsWallStreet came in and did her stand up comedy and twirled down the runway with a Ashley Stewart dress and jacket put together by Roc Your Style.  The speaker for this event was Keisha J. she also had the crowd participating during her Q&A she asked questions to make you think about your relationships with your significant other.  Great event.

Dadria Foster & Ania Denise

Co-Host & Host of the event
Melody Martin & Aniah Denise

The Manager of the Ashley Stewart 

Ms Wallstreet

winner of the makeover in store and Lady Roc
This lady was chosen out of the audience to receive a makeover 

This lady was chosen to add accessories to her outfit she wore 

Kecia J
Shared some of her story of having full blown AIDS and has been living with it since the age of 22.  Kecia wrote a book and it is scheduled to be release on May 1, 2014 Kecia is a motivational speaker. 

Ms Wallstreet Comedian

Simply Charessa Charesse Events

Rocquel Caliste Roc your style boutique

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