Monday, March 3, 2014

Anthony Burrell

Anthony Burrell warms up his class at Gotta Dance Atlanta Studios for a Media viewing on last Thursday February 27, 2014.  Anthony Burrell is a choreographer featured on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.  Anthony has been the person behind the dance moves of a lot of tours that Beyonce' does,  Rihana so you think you can dance, Dick Clark's New Year's Eve, Whitney Houston, Brandy and a list of others. I remember him saying you have to lengthen yourself so I keep trying to remember to straighten myself and not slump over as I am use to doing, I did learn that from his class.  The Man is bad at what he does and if you remember any of Beyonce's steps you know Anthony Burrell, remember that name the next time you see B on stage working it out, Anthony showed her the way. You can follow him on twitter and IG @anthonyburrell.  Anthony's PR is Lillie Mae PR and you can reach her @  

Anthony works them out before 

The Class

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