Sunday, March 9, 2014

Beat & Snatched MakeUp Class Tour by Mimi Jonline & Jeremy Dell

I had the chance to sit in on a Beat & Snatch class taught by Jeremy Dell & Mimi Jonline.  I learned alot about the profession and I am not a MUA (Make Up Artist).  I learned from Jeremy how to apply your outliner from one corner of the eyebrow to the other. I learned from Mimi don't sale your self short what is your worth and your time.  I learned from MJFaces that you should follow your dream if you believe in yourself then you can do anything, don't give up.  I learned from Alex Butler somethings are not for you and sometimes it takes doing that what you think you really want to do to understand that's not your forte'.  

Snatched the Hat

Painted byJeremy's Model

The class

Everyone has a story and its up to you to get what you need from each lesson in life.  This was a great panel discussion during the end of the Make Up Class.  


They all are great in their own lanes.  

Jeremy does Reality TV and Renelyn has a blog and she freelances makeup.  Mimi does Reality also.  Everyone has a story to tell. Thanks +MiMi Johnson  for allowing me to come to your class. 

MJFaces does makeup on the set of movies.  Alex loves to do wedding parties.  

Malika, Renelyn Monteloyola, Mimi Jonline, Alex Butler & Jeremy Dell

The Panel @MJFaces,@Makebyrenren, @MimiJonline, @themuaalex & @paintedbyjeremy

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