Monday, March 24, 2014

Kahdijiha Rowe of Big Rich Atlanta celebrates her Birthday At Venue

Last Friday night Venue was the host spot for big Rich Atlanta's Kahdijiha Rowe as she celebrated her 28th birthday here in Atlanta, GA.  Kahdijiha celebrated with her friends and family.  Venue is a new spot in Atlanta they have a great dinner menu and a live band for entertainment.

Kahdijiha was all smiles in her green dress and red pumps.

Sharlinda Rowe Parker her mom and aunt Sabrina "Brie" Rowe also
 from Big Rich Atlanta the Reality Show were there as well to help her celebrate.

Sharlinda Kahdijiha Sabrina "Brie"
Kahdijiha's friends

Ciroc on deck

The Band 

Demeteria McKinney
The Toast

My Self & the Birthday girl 

Demeteria McKinney came by to have some fun also


Wingo Kadijiha & his wife came to celebrate 

The Cake

Stephanie & Ingrid



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