Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Passion XO A New Luxury Premium XO Cognac Liqueur

Icon Lounge hosted a private tasting for Passion XO Premium Cognac Liqueur.  Passion XO is for the young and the old, an expensive drink for expensive taste.  I had the Passion Sun and the Passion Pink, the Passion Sun was mixed with 1800 tequila a splash of ginger ale put a different spin on the drink, it was smooth and tasty.  The Passion Pink had Citron Vodka and cranberry juice its a smooth taste also.  Both are very good Cognac so don't take my word try a bottle and see for yourself.  Passion XO.  Live Passionately Celebrate Responsibly. Imported by Birkedal Hartmann Import Co.  Manhasset, NY

Kelly Robinson 

Carol & Dea

Passion Sun & Pink Passion 

Carol & Eric

Myself & Carol Blackmon

FreddyO & Carol Blackmon
It would not be a great event with out Mr. FreddyO in the house or Ms. Carol Blackmon 

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