Friday, March 28, 2014

Entanglement the Dramatic Series Premiere Landmark Midtown Art Cinema

The Producers and Cast of Entanglement the TV series. Janelle London The Writer, ZeeKym, Briana Starks, Brian, ElJay, Tiffany Fox, Angel, these are some of the cast member's of Entanglement.

The Producers of the show Entanglement Theollo & Omar Howard
This series was written by two Morehouse graduates of Atlanta, GA shot in Atlanta, GA.  There are a lot of twist and turns in the series so stay tuned I think this is a great start to a good show the premiere definitely gets you geared up to want to see more. 

Stevie Baggs & Tina Hart
Tonight March 27, 2014 at Landmark's Midtown Art Cinema was the premier of the Dramatic series Entanglement.   Lillie Mae PR was the talent that orchestrated this event.  Stevie Baggs Jr and Tina Hart were the host of the evening, while Tina conducted interviews Stevie granted interviews. Stevie and Tina asked questions of the audience before the show and gave out T-Shirts to the winners of the questions. The producers also talked and gave us a little bit of their background.

The Red Carpet was full of Atlanta celebrities.  

Usofsolo from Streetz 94.5 Da Come Upp Kidd

Core Stocks singer 

BE Magazine BE Write

Part of Bliss

Dr. Ron

Mimi Faust & Niko Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Omar Howard Producer & Friend

Bo Talley

Chef Tregaye Food Network

Bo Talley, Benny Demus, Reindrop Lopez

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