Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Real Hairstylist of Atlanta

Atlanta seems like the city to birth a lot of Realty TV Shows, and I have met a lot of Realty Stars lately and now here is another Realty Show coming Straight out of The A-Town called The Real Hair Stylist of Atlanta. They have some big names in the name of hair apart of their show, Jasmine Collins (Razor Chic of Atlanta), Gocha of Gocha Salon, Terrence Davidson, all of the participants were not available for this event, but there are more to come.  Now I am sure by now that you have all seen the promo's for the show if not watch out because these hairstylist and fashion stylist are going to bring it.  I caught up with a couple of them after they taped Q&A with the audience during the Bronner Brothers Winter Show in Atlanta this weekend.  They were having fun and kidding around, I have met the executive producer and co-producer of the Show Mrs. Shante Traynham the CEO of EyeLash Vizion Marketing & Brand Agency and her sister Mimi Carpenter.  

I caught them having fun 


Shanti (the guys) mimi

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