Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Star Stylist Leage Empower Educate & Enrich hosted by SHEEN Magazine

Sheen Magazine hosted a star panelist event on yesterday at Dreams Restaurant & Sports Bar on Old National Hwy.  Sheen Magazines publisher Kim Chapman and Sammie Haynes Chief Operating Officer put this event together of Empowering Educating and Enriching also giving back, teaching what you have learned throughout your journey to teach it to other entrepreneurs.   The Star Stylist League will be held quarterly with different panelist. This quarters panelist was graced with Interior Design/Style on a budget Rashon Carraway who is a Design Expert, Look the Part to Get the Role Brandi Mitchell Visual Brand Sategist/Image Maker, Celebrity Entrepreneurship/RealityLife Sharlinda Parker and Sabrina (Brie) Rowe from Big Rich Atlanta Reality Show and co-owners of TuLa2 Nail Salon, DJ Fadelf Lifestyle Strategist DJ Model, Jenifer Spratley founder of Coco Zoe, Jennifer Lee-Harrison Entreprener Mogul Founder of PH Collections, Joi Mebane Beauty Business Expert Author of  (Glam Executive).  The all had an abundance of knowledge to share, but they all came back with the same continue on your path don't let anyone stop you and surround yourself with positive people, like minded people, pursue your dream its yours, write your own chapter in your book. Life is so short follow your Dream what ever it may be and fulfill it. Skoke Vodka was a sponsor for this event.

Sabrina (Brie) Rowe WingoAtl Shrainda DJFadelf
Joi Mebane Sabrina Sharlinda Jennifer Lee-Harrison Sammie Kimberly DJ Fadelf Rashon Jenifer Sratley Brandi

All of these panelist have websites and you can find out more information on them below.

Kimberly M. Chapman                Sammi Haynes                    Brandi Mitchell        www.sheenmagazine   

Rashon Carraway                  Sharlinda Parker                Sabrina Brie Rowe

DJ Fadelf                        Jenifer Spratley                           Jnnifer Lee-Harrison      

Joi Mebane

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