Monday, March 24, 2014

Wet Willies 4th year Anniversay

I went to Wet Willies to support their 4th year anniversary, nice atmosphere and great drinks just a young crowd if you ask me.  I started taking pictures and talking to some of the patrons and a big bur-lie guy came over to me and told me I couldn't take pictures in their establishment only the people that worked for them.  Now I know I am not crazy I see plenty of people with their camera phones standing up posing for the camera and I didn't see anyone come around to them and stop them or tell them that they couldn't do this, I told him I was there for the event and wanted to support.  He told me he would have to go and find and and he never came back to me.  Needless to say I put my camera up and stopped taking pictures.  I was not going to post anything but I decided to put this up anyway.  So to Wet Willies on Piedmont that was my first and last time visiting your establishment, but here are the pictures that I did take.  The drinks are on point did enjoy that much and the free appetizers that they were passing around.

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