Monday, April 21, 2014

Ebony Steele of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show 107.9 & Ashley Marietta Co-Hosted the Macy's The Secret Garden Fashion Show

Ebony Steele of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show on Hot 107.9 and Ashley Marietta Co-Hosted Macy's  Spring inspired Fashion Presentation called The Secret Garden Fashion Show at Cumberland Macy's in Cobb County, GA on Saturday.  
Ebony Steele and Ashley Marietta did a great job Co-hosting this event

DJ Plus kept the hype going with the crowd 

In between sets there was a young man in the crowd they thought was about to leave so they told him since he was leaving he had to get up there and strut down the cat walk, and he did just that.  

This was Jones New York collection

Work out collection

These two came up to demonstrate Impulse cosmetics line, and to give a couple of free make-overs
Ms. OhNikka was in the audience during a break Ebony Steele decided to warm up the audience with some exercises that turned into the bankhead bounce so OhNikka got up to show them how it's done, and then Ebony just told her to strut her stuff down the runway as well.

Erica Dixon from (L&HH Atlanta) stopped by to show support 

 Cami Cakes cupcakes and Impulse cosmetics were sponsors.  If you spend $75 in ladies apparel you could win 2 tickets to the Garden Show or a Headband your choice. 

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