Monday, April 28, 2014

Lil Scrappy and his Reality TV Talk Show Keep It 1K with Co-Host Faith Adorne

 Lil Scrappy and his Co-Host Faith Adorne are working on their third week at this Keepin It 1k and it was really real in there this week with a woman having 7 kids and no baby daddy's in sight. Don't believe me go to the set and watch for your selves.  I am not sure where they will be showing this at yet but they are tapping every week live so if you want to be in the studio audience just email them @   Hot 107.9's Mz Shyneka was on the panel last week.

Check out the photos below.
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Scrappy & Co-Host Faith Adorne
Mz. Shyneka & Bishop of Crunk

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