Sunday, April 6, 2014

Married2Medicine Season 2 Premier Bravo Tonight April 6, 2014

Last night Married To Medicine's season premiere was hosted at Shout Restaurant & Lounge in Downtown Atlanta.  The event was hosted by Quad Webb-Lunceford but all the ladies were in attendance for the event except Maria Huq the creator of the show even Kerry Wells was there and shes not apart of the show any longer.  Red Carpet consisted of all the ladies and their significant others except Dr. Simone Whitmore but her husband turned up later on during the evening.  

Quad & Ebony Steele (Rickey Smiley Morning Show)
After the premiere was watched they had Q&A?  One of the questions asked was there is someone missing and it looks like Mariah? And the answer was I guess she is at home under the cover it is kinda late.  Some other questions were asked about how do you feel months later reliving this all over again. The season premiere starts off with some Drama so everyone get your DVR's set for tonight because Married2Medicine is about to be on and popping.  

Jonell PR Stevie Baggs Jr Demetria McKenney

Jonell PR & Roger Bob

Tamar Braxton (Her) came to show her support to her doctor (Gynecologist) Dr. Jackie of (Married 2 Medicine)

Kiana Dancie (Comedianne)

Toya Bush-Harris & Dr. Harris

Toya Bush-Harris & Karrie

Jan Southerland (Event Planner) Toya Bush-Harris

Dr. Simone Whitmore

Dr. Heavenly Kimes & Husband Dr. 
Lady Roc (celebrity stylist) Marlo Hampton (RHOA)  Mimi Faust (L&HHAtl) Lavel Washington (Vel_Baby Celebrity MUA)
Stevie Baggs Jr. 

Chef & Brad James

Jill Marie from (Girlfriends)

D Woods

Jamal Simmons (Producer)

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