Monday, April 28, 2014

Pink Champagne Gala "Charge Up Charge Pynk"

Simply Charessa of Table Talk Radio put on the Pink Champagne Gala Saturday evening at the M Rich Building Downtown Atlanta, GA.  Charessa's event is to bring awareness to the community and also spotlight the survivors of Cancer.  This is a big disease that is really taking over loved one's of a lot of people and if we can raise money to find a cure and make people more conscious about this disease the better. There were Ambassadors to supporters of the disease to survivors of Cancer at this event.  Dr. Jackie and Dr. Heavenly from Married 2 Medicine, Sabrina, Sharlinda & Kahdijiha from Big Rich Atlanta, Bo Talley, April Love and a host of others just to name a few were in attendance.

Everyone came out to support this Charge UP Charge Pynk event, in their pink.  It was a beautiful event and to see all the smiling faces of so all the survivors get up and tell their stories.  So many survivors in one room, so much talent in one room, their was interpretive dance by Queen Aftan, and the event was hosted by Ania Denise and Janet Jackson.

Dr. Jackie & Dr. Heavenly from Married 2 Medicine

Angel Raye 
Queen Aftan

Passion XO sponsor

Survivors April Love 

Janet Jackson

The Chef & her daughter

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