Sunday, June 15, 2014

Carl Payne Birthday Bash at Suite Lounge

Carl Payne turns ???? But he had a Birthday Bash at Suite Lounge and he enjoyed himself.  Carl was on the floor sandwiched between 4 women getting their groove on.  Suite lounge's DJ was off the hook he had everyone on the floor in the isle and all over the place on their feet moving to the She Twirk to the Nae Nae.  Several celebrities came out to help him celebrate this ???? Birthday.  Monica and husband, Karlie Redd,
Trina Braxton and  Gabe, Demetria McKinney, Rodney Perry and others were spotted at the Suite Lounge last night.

Karlie Redd

Carl Poster, Gabe & Trina Braxton

Rocyourstyle & Rodney Perry
Comedian Rodney Perry

Photographer Girrod

Demetria McKenney

Dallas the Stylist

Peter Thomas


Monica & Hubby

Peter Thomas

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