Monday, June 30, 2014

FITC Fashion In The City by Kontrol Mag

This weekend we were privileged with Julian Lark presents FITC Fashion In The City by Kontrol Magazine.  They gave us fashion, and then they brought us the GALA last night to end the four day long fashion week.  The Diamond GALA brought out a host of people, Toya Bush Harris from Married 2 Medicine was the host of the event and she brought her good friend Dr. Heavenly and her husband (team daddy) with her, Melinda Williams was in attendance also as she hosted the previous events check this if you missed out (Fashion In The City 2014 Atlanta by Kontrol Magazine ).  The night was filled with fashion and performances by Demarious Cole, Kelsey Nycole. Check out some of the performances below....

Kissie Lee & Julian Lark

The DJ

New Artist Elhae

Toya & Eugene Harris (Married2Med)


Kelsey Nycole

Julian Lark & guest

Julian Lark & his mom

Dr. Heavenly & husband (Married2Med)

Malinda Williams

Toya Bush Harris & Malinda WIlliams


Malinda Williams & D_Cole10

Prissy In The City (MUA)


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