Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pop Up Shops on Edgewood & Auburn Ave

Launch Party & Pop Up Shop Crawl.  People are out strolling the block talking having a good old time going from store front to store front drinking and eating at the Pop Up Shops on Edgewood and Auburn Ave walking talking and drinking, did I say drinking?  Whats going on downtown Atlanta its new, they are building from the Old to the New.  We are getting shops like Arbitrary Living, Bliss in Me, Brixtix Dog Bakery, what a DOG Bakery really dogs are getting so relevant these days.  Sock Fancy, Fresh.I.Am, Indie Craft Experience Civil Bikes and these are just to name a few, so you will soon be coming in-town to get some new experience shopping.  These are a few pictures of whats to come Downtown.       

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