Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Trip to St Louis Missouri Zoo Sweetie Pies & White Castle

I was in St Louis with my cousin for some family issues so I decided to venture out and get some sight seeing done.  This is what I found on my trip.  The St Louis Zoo and good old Sweetie Pies from the OWN Network and I can't forget White Castle. I wanted to just ride by and get some pictures of different places but the Zoo was packed I said dang they sure have a lot of visitors at their Zoo I called my cousin an told her and she said its free to get in so needless to say we went in to see the lions, tigers and bears.  Sweetie Pies was a great venture they are so nice and friendly time you hit the door they were telling you which way to go and the people on the line are friendly as well.  The bus guys are the best helping the women with their tray (me) to their seats and continuously asking do you need anything, down to taking pictures with the customers.  My visit was a 10 go visit them if you are in St Louis.  Did not see the son or the nephew but we felt right at home. I was looking for Nellie maybe next time.  Pics below....

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