Sunday, July 27, 2014

BE Magazine had BEweekend14

Jason from BE Magazine had his BEweekend14 and it started off at Tee's and Quotes with a Summer Social Soire'e/ Day Party on Saturday and from there they went to a private location for food and drinks by lacuisine_elite.  And on Sunday they had a cookout at ATLTimeTo Shine's place in Riverdale.  They did it up BIG for their BEweekend14. Congratulations Jason and your entire staff.   Spotted at the cookout on Sunday was Erica Dixson (Love & Hip Hop) can't wait for their Reunion I heard it went down during the taping.

Jason (BE Mag) Myself MyHartEnt

Erica Dixon (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta)

Erica Dixon

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