Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tank hosted a white party at The W Hotel in New Orleans

The W was the spot for the all White Party hosted by Tank.  Tank was MCing this party with everyone on the dance floor.  Tank had the DJ take it back to the Old School jams, doing the butt and everything you can think of, all the people were up on those toes getting it in.  Demetria McKenney was in the house showing off her curves in this Little outfit with her stylist Dallas.  Demetria introduced her song 100 featuring the Bratt. DJ Mark, then DJ Quest and then DJ TayRok took turns on the the turn tables doing their thing. 
Tank was the host of the event
Demetria McKenney

Demetria introduced her single 100 to the crowd featuring Da Bratt

DJ TayRok was all over New Orleans DJing

Tank getting his dance skills on

 Tank was giving us the business on the MIC, he wanted them to go Old School, grown party

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