Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spotted DC Curry Mimi Faust and others at the Screening of Dating Pierre

Hello everyone you remember Pierre the guy that dated Hayle Berry in the movie BAPS (Black American Princess).  Well the boyfriend is back and he is taking dating to another level, his is doing  Web episodes on dating  the new way of communicating with each other via texting, emails and meeting people on the internet.  Pierre is hilarious with some of the co-stars that are playing along beside him in the episodes. Bo Talley owner of Blaq Pearl Ent put together this event at Suite Lounge for all of the fans to come out and watch Pierre on the big screen again.  Spotted in the place was DC Curry, Mimi Faust from (Love & Hip Hop) and a few more take a look at the pictures below...

Pierre Big Tigger 

Big Tigger (V-103)

Brad James 

Dave Men at Large

Bo Talley (Blaq Pearl)

Comedian Rodney Perry

Chef Kemmis & Sterling

Add caption

Mimi Faust & Pierre 

Don DC Curry

Pierre & MyHartEnt


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