Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bring It

Bring it was brought to Atlanta, GA over the weekend Cobb County Civic Center held all the heat to the girls that danced their hearts out last night.  I got close and personal to one of these dance compeititions and I was truly amazed.  I have watched the show Bring It and have become a fan, but to be live and up close to one of the competitions is just amazing.  The parents are hilarious and the kids are great at what they do.  I had some parents sitting behind me that complained about the DJ, the MC and the concession stand people they wanted to kill them all (LOL) but they were great people.  The event lasted a little bit longer than I thought but everyone was there to see the Dancing Dolls and they didn't leave until they performed which was almost at the end of the evening but we waited and what a treat we got for waiting it out.  pictures below.  Video will be on Youtube...

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