Thursday, September 11, 2014

Live and Die for Hip Hop Black Out Gala

Live and Die for Hip Hop Black Out Gala!  Everyone remembers KrisKross if you don't remember the name you probably  remember the song Jump Jump. Where were you when that song came out what were you doing at that time in your life.  Even thought they were two young kids with powerful lyrics they brought a big impact on some of our lives and the lives of Hip Hop.  I don't think we could ever forget what that song and other songs KrisKross had on their albums did for us as a people.  The Woodruffs Art Center was the place where everyone came together for the 1st Annual Live and Die for Hip Hop.  Latoya Wise Chris Kelly's cousin was the event producer for this event.  Latoya brought out Ed Lover Reginae Carter, Tiny Harris, Kirk & Rasheeda Frost Three Brown Girls and other to help celebrate this Celebration.

Latoya Wise & Kris

Honoree KP Kawan Prather 

DJ & Michelle (Straight From the A)

Sabrian (Brie) Rowe (Big Rich Atlanta)

Mr. GlamRockSoul Victor Jackson

Shanti Das 


Honoree Rico Wade 

Precious & Kamaya PR

Sheree Buchanan & Whitfield

Bone Crusher

Ebony Electra Rasheda Ed Lover

Kris Kelly Grandmother & Tiny

KP Toya his mom Tiny

Ms. Deborah & Lis Miss Christina


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