Thursday, October 9, 2014

A3C (All Three Coast) is in Atlanta this week are you ready?

I had the privilege of attending one of the A3C events last night at the newly reopened Museum Bar. The event was a managers panel with Deb Antney, T Neal, Nick Love, B Rich, Court Diggs Teddy T, Jason Brown and Johnnie Cabell spitting their knowledge on the game, what it takes to make it in this rap industry and how hard you need to work and want to work for your craft.  This panelist was keeping it 100 and if you were there you got a lot of knowledge to put to work for yourself. Isis is starting a new magazine called I Am Hip Hop is a new magazine by Isis Wisdom she was the mastermind behind this panel check her out and the magazine coming soon.  
Debra Antney


Some of the Panelist

Shanti Tranham (Eyelashvizion) Deb Antney (B100Radio)

Tavoria & Isis 
The Panel

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