Monday, February 9, 2015

Mr. Freds Bowling Party

Friend & Mr. Fred
Mr. Fred WNBA Coach of Oklahoma, had a Bowling Party given by his wife Socialite Ms. Bo Talley last night at The Painted Pin.  If you haven't been there its a must go do in Atlanta.  Ms. Bo Talley invited out friend to help him celebrate his born day. All of Atlanta come out to join him in a night of fun bowling, basketball and other games.  Christina Johnson and Willie Wallace of Atlanta Ex's and Sheree Buchanan also of Atlanta Ex's was in on the festivities.   Happy Birthday to Mr. Fred hope you enjoyed your night.  

Rodney Perry & Wife Angela

The Bathroom

Bo & Fred

Christina Johnson (Atlanta Ex's)

Christina & Willie Wallace

Sheree Buchanan (Atlanta Ex's)



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