Sunday, March 22, 2015

Colour U Cosmetics The Art of Colour U

Blue Mark Studio was the venue for the Colour U Cosmetics "The Art of Colour U event hosted by Ebony Steele the multimedia personality. The Red Carpet was hosted by Jecoby Carter of The Kidz Jump Blog.  The night was filled with people, models and Colour U portraits.  Colour U Cosmetics is a full cosmetic line that is geared to women with olive to mahogany complexions. Colour U's cosmetics are made with the finest ingredients in the cosmetic world. Colours that are true to colour, blues that are blue and greens that are green when applied to the skin. What you see in the package is what you will see on the face. Shop Colour U's cosmetics site to experience a new era of makeup with Colour U Cosmetics

Maylee Media (Deidra)

Reindrop Lopes 


Ebony Steele (Host)

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