Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dress for Less on Wendy

Everyone can put together some outfits and be cute and then you have celebrities that have stylist that put together their look and they look like a million bucks and damn near spend thousands to look that way.  Wendy had a fashion stylist on today to show us how to put the same looks of a couple of celebrities on red carpets and and cheaper version of their look.  Check the looks out below and tell me what you think.  We have Kendall Jenner, Jennifer Garner, Rhianna and Jennifer Lopez.  Which look do you like the best for less?

Wendy Williams 

Fashion Stylist

Kendall Jenner's Expensive look

Coat $60 from Mango Crop top $25 Pants and Shoes TJ Maxx  

Jennifer Garner
The Cheaper Look
Top $17 Skirt $70
Shoes Tahiara 39.99


Total look Crop jacket faux fur Isaac Mizrahi TJMAXX $70 shoes

Total look  $189 for shoes and dress 
BB  dress $139 Shoes Misguided $50 

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