Thursday, March 12, 2015

Empire (Sins of the Father)

Did you see Empire? My my how tonight's Empire episode has plenty of twist and turns. I couldn't blink last night, this show just gets better and better each week.  How do you go from being a grandfather to being a daddy, from a daddy to a brother uncle to brother and grandmother to stepmother all in three minutes, did that happen last night, yes it did and Cookie was all in the middle of it.  Cookie wanted Lucious back but now Mr. Security Man Malcolm is getting his chance since Mr. Lyons messed up.  Can Lucious get his Cookie back? Can the sons get back on track, will they all forgive daddy? Can he get Vernon back in check or will he have to kill another friend? What a Web Lucious has weaved.

Grandmother to stepmom

Grandfather to father Son to brother and uncle to brother 

Lucious messed up

Cookie wants a piece of Malcolm now

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