Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Empire Withdrawal It's Wednesday

Who didn't watch the Season Finale of "Empire"?  Seems like everyone did they had over 16 Million viewers for the show.  And a whole lot of eye popping draw dropping gasping on last Wednesday but none this Wednesday so I am giving my recap tonight. Lucious couldn't get his mojo working so he needed Cookie, but Cookie was no where to be found Cookie is with Malcolm (Security).  Lucious yelled at Becky and Becky told him to use his inside voice when he talks to her.  Hakeem is not feeling his dad when he tries to call him, because he is mad about dad getting rid of Camilla (so he thinks).

Cookie is at the cabin about to get it on with (security). 

Some of Jamal's fans are excited that he came out, it made them come out to their family.  Cookie finds out that Camille didn't take Lucious' money.
Snoop comes on and sings his new song Peaches & Cream. Snoop said if Lucious is God he must be Jesus.   Lucious says you will find out who will take over his Empire.
So much goes on, Hakeem shows out and calls out his dad on the stage, Lucious knocks him out. Jamahl takes Lucious back to the house where he threw him in the trash can when he was a little boy to help him get his humph back.  Boo Boo Kitty sleeps with Hakeem and dad sees them, Jamal tries to throw the competition over the balcony and earns his fathers respect.  Uncle Vern gets killed by Andre's wife Rhonda and now she is pregnant and don't want him to call any so they get rid of the body and Uncle Vern is the one who ratted on Luscious because.....
Boo Book Kitty and Cookie fight and they all come together to do a take over of Empire. At the big party Lucious gets arrested by Cookies pretend PO officer and he thinks Cookie sets him up but they say Uncle Vern is their Star witness.    All this in a 2 hour Season Finale'.  Are you all feigning Empire?  I am

And to top it off for Atlanta Bryshere and Jussie were on a tour promoting the Sound Track for Empire and they hit up Suite Lounge with V-103 and BowlMor Atlanta with Streetz 94.5.  So here is a little bit of Hakeem and Jamal at Suite Lounge on Friday night.

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