Sunday, March 22, 2015

Empires Hakeem was on Wendy Williams

Bryshere Gray #AKA Hakeem from Fox Show "Empire" was on the Wendy Williams Show talking about his life before Empire.  Bryshere is a 21 year old rapper who was focused on his rapping before Empire came about.  Bryshere started out at 16 years old from the West side of Philly saying he wanted to be a rapper, so he and his mom packed up her Toyota Camry and drove to North Carolina, Michigan and other places so Bryshere could perform at different schools and talk to the kids.  Bryshere's manager heard about the Empire gig and told him about it but Bry was truly committed to his rapping that he didn't want to do the acting thing, but he changed his mind and went to the audition.  Bryshere had to audition in front of Lee Daniel, Taraji P Henson and Terrance Howard, he got the job and the rest is history.  Bryshere moved to California but he films in Chicago and his mom lives in his LA home.  His mom and grandmother are the most important women in his life.  The season finale consist of artist like Snoop Dog, Rita Orr and Patti Labelle.  The sound track to the show is out now check it out, and Wendy's audiendce got to go home with a copy of the sound track.

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