Monday, March 9, 2015

Love & Hip Hop NY

Love and Hip Hop NY is really on Fire tonight with the season finale coming close they are turning it up a notch.  Amina Butterfly and Peter Gunz on a break do you think he will go back to Tara, or will Tara have him back after all he has done to her?  I'm glad my favorite couple got everything back on point except with the assistant thing.  On one hand I am like come on Yandy you acting like Chrissy was with you and her man, and you were his manager. Now this man Rich is really off the chain what is it that the ladies see in him?  Rich is all over the place smashing the homies girl in the bathroom now that's just a little thirsty.  Diamond you may get what you want but that is not a good look for you trust and then to get kinda drug in the club for you BOO who is not claiming you not a good look at all.  Johnni Blaze is no joke at all watch out Diamond.  Can't wait to the Reunion Show with these two...

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