Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift on Kelly & Michael today. Taylor's new album entitled 1989 is out now in stores,1989   is the year she was born. She talked about Kelly and Michael doing a parody of her song Shake shake shake, Taylor said she really liked how they pulled it off exactly all the way down to the costumes. They talked about where her Grammys',Taylor said they are in her apartment on her mantel, some are at her mom's and some are in Nashville she like to decorate with the awards.  Michael asked what would a typical day being Taylor Swift entail.  Taylor said it would be planning to stay in bed not get up at all, order food and figure out how to get it delivered right to her bed. She has 2 cats one named Meredith after Meridith on Grays Anatomy and the other after Olivia from Law and Order. Taylor will be 25 years old this December what will she do?  She says as long as she is happy enjoying her life who has time to think about a birthday. ...

Kelly & Michael reacting the video

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