Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bobbi Kristina is not awake

Bobbi Kristina is not awake as her dad Bobbi Brown is hoping and praying for a miracle. Bobbi Kris as everyone knows by now was found unresponsive in her Townhouse on January 31 by Nick Gordon some say we are really not sure who found her. Bobbi Kris was in Emory University Hospital here in Atlanta, Georgia until they moved her to a Rehab facidity last month. Bobbi Kris is not on a ventilator but she still has tracheotomy tube that helps her breathe. Nothing has changed since she arrived in the rehabilitation facility months ago. Cissy Houston said after meeting with the doctors and understanding that Bobbi Kris can live in this condition for a lifetime truly saddens her. Cissy says we can only trust in God for a miracle at this time so keep us in your prayers.  Cissy we are still praying for the Brown and Houston families especially Bobbi Kris God please keep your arms around Bobbi Kris.

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