Saturday, April 11, 2015

Candice Bergman on Kelly & Michael

Do you all remember the show "Murphy Brown" played by Candice Bergman.  Candice was on Kelly & Michael Live yesterday talking about her new book of her memoirs.  Candice talked about having a husband and loosing him and never thinking that she would find love again, her daughter Chloe and how she had her at the age of 39 years old and her daughter is doing well and working for Vogue.  Candice talked about how she auditioned for the job Murphy Brown and she bombed but the producer really wanted her and another producer wanted Heater Locklear. Candice is happily married again and she says women don't stop looking you can find happiness twice. Check out her new book in stores and its called "A Fine Romance".

Cast from Murphy Brown tv show

Candice new book

Candice and her daughter

Candice daughter

Candice first husband

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