Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chrisette Michele in Atlanta for Pose N Post Symposium

Chrisette Michele was in Atlanta for her last stop on an 8 City tour of Pose N Post Symposium.  The Symposium has a panelist of women who all share how they started growing their businesses on social media and how it grew from there.  Courtney Adeleye founder of The Mane Choice hair pills, Ambrosia Malbrough Media Maven and Jeweler on You Tube, Fash and Atlanta Stylist.  I sat down and chopped it up with Chrisette Michele before the event.  I asked her questions about her Being on R&B Divas did it hurt or broaded her followers, Chrisette said those that didn't know her now know her and the ones that did like her even more.  I asked about her career and what she has coming up next.  Chrisette is a lover of people and she loves Tongue Twisters I found that out because I asked her where or how she came up with the name Pose N Post Symposium.  Check out the interview below.

Watch video

Chrisette Michele, Courtney Adeleye, Ambrosia Malbrough, Fash 

The Panel

Myself & Chrisette Michele

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