Friday, April 10, 2015

Fantasia Grieves and has a break up

Fantasia lost her grand mother last week who was her rock. This is a difficult time for anyone who looses a parent, grandparent or child to go through, but some how we get overcome it with time. Fantasia always discusses her grandmother  in conversation so we know she loves her and it will be hard for her, on social media and in life to persevere.   Fantasia posted via Instagram that she tries to sleep so her grandmother can come to her in her dreams and advise her with some business and life decisions.  Also during this unfortunate time of loss Fantasia is dealing with marital issues or so we think, because right after the service she tweeted a picture of her wedding rings and a comment below the picture leading us to believe that there is trouble in paradise, but it was swiftly deleted moments later.  We are praying for you and your Family Fantasia and hope that everything works out they way you want or need.

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