Thursday, April 30, 2015

GMA body proud

GMA has started a hash tag called #gmabodyproud. There are some everyday women out here who are proud of their bodies and aren't ashamed to show the flaws.  So GMA let them come on in their bathing suits and show the world you don't have to be pencil thin or airbrushed you can be ok in the skin you are in and look great and feel great about your body.  How many people try to cover up hide under big shirts or extra long shirts over your hips and thighs?  I am guilty but if we learn to Love us as we are, and change a little at a time it's ok. Start parking  a little further from the building, or try a few sits ups while watching TV just the little things add up and you start seeing the results. I started tonight by doing some floor exercises.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  #lovintheskinwein this will be our hash tag so if you start a new 5 the. Hash tag me #lovintheskinwein #ltswi 

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