Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kylie Jenner Lip Craze

This Kylie Jenner lip craze is a bit much.  Kylie Jenner pumping up her lips is one thing but the kids out here trying to be like her is another.  I think as parents we should instill in our own kids to be who you are, learn how to love your self the way God made you look.  Look in the mirror and see and love the person that you are.  This new age generation is thinking you have to be thin and now you have to have huge lips by watching Kylie Jenner.  What one person does to them selves is not for everyone else.  Love The Skin You Are In.  Lets put our arms around our future and tell them you are "Beautiful Just The Way You Are"  Those people are on TV they are getting paid to do these things we are here at home and we have to be us so lets start explaining these things to the young generation.

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