Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ludacris @DTLR

@Ludacris was @DTLR Camp Creek Store today signing purchased copies of his new CD entitle LUDAVERSAL. Ludacris started out on Old National Hwy at the radio station called Hot 97.5 he worked in the Lab with DJ Nab do anyone remember that?  That was over seventeen years ago.  Ludacris talks about the CD cover, that's his plane and his car that he had when he started this journey so many years ago and he still has the car, so from that Acura to his plane that he has now he is still humble and thankful to all his fans that helped him along the way.  Ludacris talked about the new movie Fast & Furious how it may make $130 over this first weekend that it came out, this is the first weekend.  Luda also talked about how it took him four years to do this CD and it has never taken
him this long to put out a new CD.  Ludacris signed each and every persons CD and took photos with them as well.  LUDAVERSAL is in stores now go and get you a copy. Shouts out to @stepsevents for putting this event together.

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