Friday, April 24, 2015

MyFair Sweets Grand Opening

My Fair Sweets Grand Opening!  Last night My Fair Sweets owned by Candice had a grand old black carpet opening for her new relocation of My Fair Sweets.  This night was filled with friends, and patrons of the bakery.  This location really feels like home, its a larger space and filled with blood sweat and tear, maybe not all by Candice but she had her input.  Candice's friends were there helping with all your need and Tionna Smalls from "What Chilli Wants" was behind the counter and out on the floor serving and ringing up orders.  The DJ was in full effect with the music pumping loud and the drink were flowing by @Voscato & @Rose, the food was prepared by the Chefs from @Swerve Bar & Grill off Camp Creek & Butner Rd.  This was a great celebration.  Candice thanked everyone that came to help her celebrate this milestone in her life.  +MyFairSweets

Candice owner of +MyFairSweets 

Pretti Plates (Chef)

BE Magazine  (J Write)

Tionna Smalls

Candice, Dvante Black 

Candice & Sabrina of Glam University

Tionna Smalls behind the counter 

Chefs from Swerve Grill

Mimi Couture (MUA)

Owner of Swerve Grill on the right

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