Thursday, April 16, 2015

Orange Is the New Black coming in June

Orange is the New Black is coming back, June 12th Season 3 starts June 12 on Net Flix.  I have never seen the show and have heard great things about it so I guess I will have to catch up before the new season starts.  Uzo Adubo was on GMA (Good Morning America) today, She plays Suzanne "Crazy Eyes".  Uzo loves her part she says that Suzanne is not afraid to just go there, when asked why she thinks the audience loves this show, Uzo says that the viewers see a little bit of them selves or someone in their family and it makes it believable.  Uzo is getting ready for the Boston Marathon on Monday and she is running or the Dana-Farber Caner Institute which is a very personal cause to her.  Uzo also let everyone know that Net Fliz picked the show up for the 4th season, and they start filming in June when Season 3 starts to air.  Check out the trailer below.
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