Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pharrell on Kelly & Michael Live

Kelly & Michael Live with Pharrell Williams visiting today, Michael is on vacation today so Kelly's husband Mark Consuelo is co-hosting. Pharrell is promoting "The Voice for its Season 8thats on Monday and Tuesday nights.  Pharrell talks about how there is a star already inside the artist that appear on the show its just up to them to bring it out and make them shine brighter.  Kelly asked how does he feel about his songs being number 1, and Pharrell said he makes songs the people are then ones that make them number 1 by continuing to watch them over again.  Mark asked when they were in Jay Z's video together did he remember and if he saw something in the two of them (a shining star) Pharrell said that someone reminded him that they were in the video.  Pharrell also talked about Adam one of his co-host on the show, that he has an amazing voice, he has a great range, makes him think of Stevie Wonder when he hears him sing.  Kelly also told Pherrell one of their audience members said he would make a great Tin Man in the Whiz if it was to come out again and Pherrell said he is not an actor.  Great interview on Live with Kelly & Michael.

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