Thursday, April 16, 2015

@Revlon's Pop-Up-Shop at Atlantic Station

Revlon did a pop up shop in the middle of Atlantic Station this past weekend.  They had mini makeovers stations inside, there were loads of tables filled with mirrors and make up, what ever your preference from pink to gold it was yours to try on.  There was nail polish in all the new Fall colors so if you purchased color they gave you a mini Mani -cure for free.  I think all the women at Atlantic Station came through and tested some color if it was the lips or the eyes they tested something.  This was really a great idea because you don't get to test Revlon in stores you have to buy it first and then find out if you like it, this way you get to test your skills or the help of all the representatives they had out and they could help you with your best color.  Erica the manager on duty was very knowledgeable and the young lady that beat my face with the mini maker was truly helpful in helping me decide on a foundation.  Thanks @Revlon for the Pop up shop.

My make up artist left my daughters on the right 

Elaine the manager 


  1. I saw your pictures on your blog.I hope you had fun! I love revlon too! But unfortunately they are too far for me to attend.I hope they have more of pop up shops in the future! If at anytime you do want the revlon love is on gift bag I will gladly take it.i collect revlon gift bags.The closet pop up shop to me is ny,but that's a 4 hr drive .Love the pics! Thanks,Lynette E.Grim

  2. Also did you get any brochures?

  3. @LPA 254 no I didn't get any brochures, thanks for checking out the blog

  4. Did you get a gift bag that was pictured? What was that that had Halle Berrys picture on the front? Hope you had fun!