Tuesday, April 21, 2015

RHOA Finale

So RHOA is finished for the season until Sunday when the Reunion comes on.  Are you ready for some "Fire Works" or no?  Are you over this Season?

Well lets start off with Kenya could not get her lines together on this episode while she was taping for the voice over for her movie she was taping.  

Next up the bitter sweet closing of Bar One with Cynthia & Peter.  I felt bad for them but can't wait for the other bar to open if it ever will, I live in Atlanta so I frequented it from time to time they had some of  the best Jamaican Food in Atlanta, and if  you have ever been to the spot you know about the huge picture of Cynthia that they were taking a usie in front of , everyone that visits this place or have visited Bar One would usually wind up taking a selfie in front of the picture.

I am sure that everyone can say that they had great memories at Bar One on Memorial Drive 

Todd & Kandi going over to Mama Joyces' to the family get together/see my new house that my daughter bought me was a very interesting night for everyone especially with Momma Joyce finally admitting that she is bigger than that person she was when she said all those ugly things about Todd and his mom that she just was repeating things she heard and that's not right so she apologized and they all had a group hug.

Todd is still not ok with the apology that Miss Joyce gave him but I think he is excepting of it and says that they still have a long way to go.  But I think that was quite big of Mama Joyce

Peter is up to his Peter ways going and renting a Peters Brew house before telling his wife or discussing with her the plan, he is an after the fact guy but hey he wears the pants so some say about relationships and its his money honey.

Peter gets a call from Apollo

Ms. Ne Ne on Broadway in the big Apple and name up in Blue Light's, happy for her her dream is now a Reality for the "Reality Star" go Ne Ne.

Peter gets a call from Apollo from prison and tells him did he know his wife filed for divorce, now was that any of Peters' business to tell that to Apollo or not?  What do you think? Apollo says that Phaedra has not yet brought the kids to see him. Could you take your small kids to a prison to see their other parent if it were you?

Phaedra bakes cookies with the boys and explains why she hasn't taken them to see their father in the confessionals, some say all that she is saying about calling the warden is not true.  Would you, could you?  

Ne Ne is getting all dolled up for her debut

Cynthia and Claudie show up for the wedding or so they think

Kandi makes her entrance to rice thrown at her for the wedding so she thinks

And then Ms. Kenya comes out for the reveal of what is really going on with the wedding theme

Popcorn anyone 

Lets get ready for this movie I did

Cynthia makes her acting debut in Kenya's cra cra movie

and the Lovely Demetria McKinney is on the big screen and everyone knows by now that she has gotten a contract with eOne Music from being on RHOA Bravo TV.

So Ne Ne bought a 2 Million dollar home
Kandi is going skiing
Demetria is touring the world
Phaedra is contemplating on taking the boys to see their dad
Cynthia will be a Peters' Brew
Claudia will be touring with her comedy
Stay tuned until next Sunday for the Reunion Show

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