Thursday, April 23, 2015

Watch What Happens Live with Kandi & Brandi

WWHL with Kandi and Brandi!

Kandi and her faces, and her eyes, talking about NeNe and her on the Reunion Show

Kandi & Brandi said they have know each other from the 90's when they were both on the bill boards

Andy plugged Brandi being in the Broadway Play Chicago

Attending the bar was Jasmine Sullivan

Andy asked Brandi why don't she and Jasmine make a song together and the ladies said they had been talking about that and Andy asked Kandi to write the song for them

We even got clips of Next Sunday's Reunion and the little tift between Kandi and NeNe 

This was part of the show who was the shadiest this season and NeNe won 35%  who do you think was the shadiest this season?

The talked about the new spin off for Kandi, Kandi's Ski Trip and how Momma Joyce apologizes to Todd on Sunday's show, Kandi said she understood how Todd felt but Momma Joyce has apologized again to Todd and in the last few months their relationship has gotten better. 

The Ski trip will air on Kandi's birthday in May so stay tuned

They played a game of guess which person and Kandi had sex riding down the highway
Andy got high with one of the older singers
and who do you think would hide after school so they wouldn't get beat up?

Kandi told NeNe that they both see each other on the Reunion Show
Can't wait until Sunday I'm sure we have a lot to talk about until then

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