Sunday, May 31, 2015

Celebrity Chef Kymmis & IntimateEats at Balling for Lupus Event

Celebrity Chef Kymmis and Charlise Johnson of Intimate Eats created a special menu of food and desserts for the Players and Honorees of Balling For Lupus 2 and this year.  They were there ready and waiting for the players and the host, the food was delicious and the sweets oh my goodness, I said I was laying off sweets for a while but I had Intimate Eats Red Velvet cupcake (just 1) and her Strawberry Shortcake with fresh whip cream to die for I say and Chef Kymmis Mac & Cheese and her mixed greens wow is all I can say. If you would like to book either one of these great Chefs you can. @celebritychefkymmis
You missed a treat but here are some pictures of the food setup.  

Charlise Johnson (Intimate Eates)

Chef Kymmis

Angel Rae

Kecia Johnson

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